Frugal PM and the Silent 65%: Disrupting the Student Housing Industry

The vast universe of the student housing industry, home to millions of beds, holds beneath its surface an untapped potential, a silent majority that’s been overlooked for too long. This is the story of the Silent 65% and the promise it holds for the future of property management. Understanding the Silent Majority First, let’s paint […]

Granite’s Approach to Property Management: Prioritizing the Owner’s NOI

Property management has always been a delicate dance between ensuring optimal operations and generating maximum returns. At Granite, we’ve adopted a fresh paradigm that challenges traditional models. Instead of passing the operational overhead and system costs to property owners, we shoulder these responsibilities, ensuring a heightened Net Operating Income (NOI) for our partners. Let’s dive […]

How Granite Amplifies Property Management by Prioritizing NOI

In the realm of property management, a holistic approach is paramount to amplifying value. For many property owners, their investment’s worth is encapsulated by the Net Operating Income (NOI). At Granite, we’ve adopted an innovative methodology, centralizing pivotal aspects of property management to elevate NOI. Let’s explore the strategies Granite employs to accomplish this feat. […]

Introducing Granite: Pioneers of 3rd Party Property Management

In the dynamic world of real estate, it’s easy to get lost in myriad roles and responsibilities. For many, the lines between property ownership and management blur, leading to conflicting interests and subpar results. At Granite, we champion a different narrative — a model where property management is distinct, specialized, and, most importantly, aligned with […]