All-Inclusive Approach to Management

In-house suite of services focused on mutual optimization of asset return and resident experience.

At Granite, we understand that effective property management goes beyond just maintaining buildings – it’s about creating thriving communities and delivering peace of mind to property owners. Our suite of services is designed to manage every aspect of your property, offering comprehensive solutions that cater to your unique needs.

With our team, we combine industry knowledge with innovative practices to deliver unparalleled property management solutions. Our services range from meticulous property management and efficient centralized services to strategic marketing, seamless leasing, and proactive maintenance support.

As a true third-party manager, we are committed to serving as your trusted partner, optimizing your property’s performance, and enhancing its value. Explore our offerings below and discover how we can transform your property management experience.

Property Management

Embodying our true third-party management approach, our comprehensive Property Management services are designed to deliver exceptional results for every property owner. We handle everything from new lease-ups to stabilized properties, ensuring your properties are professionally managed, well-maintained, and attractive to tenants. We oversee all aspects of day-to-day operations, including tenant relations, rent collection, and regular property inspections. Our new lease-up management services ensure your properties are filled quickly and efficiently, while our expertise in ground-up development management helps you navigate the complexities of new projects from inception to completion. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your properties are in the hands of dedicated professionals who prioritize your success.


Our Centralized Services embody our commitment to efficiency and quality service delivery. At our home office, a dedicated team expertly handles operations, leasing staff support, accounting, administration, collection, and legal services. By centralizing these critical yet time-consuming tasks, we free the on-site team to focus on what they do best: managing the property and enhancing the resident experience. This balanced approach ensures your properties function smoothly and effectively while maintaining the high standards of service that your tenants expect. With Granite, you gain a streamlined operation that bolsters productivity and enhances tenant satisfaction.


At Granite, we understand the critical importance of timely and accurate financial reporting for property owners. Our accounting team consistently delivers monthly financials without delay, providing property owners with a comprehensive and timely snapshot of their investment’s performance. Our meticulous focus on detail ensures that every financial statement we produce stands up to scrutiny, ensuring accuracy in every figure and note. But our commitment doesn’t end with the delivery of these statements. Our team remains ever-responsive, readily available to address queries, clarify items, and assist with any additional financial requests. It’s not just about providing numbers; it’s about offering clarity, ensuring trust, and fostering a relationship built on reliability and responsiveness.

Property Owner Benefits

With Granite, property owners don’t just receive exceptional property management services – you also gain access to our sophisticated systems designed for complete transparency and efficiency. From detailed reporting and rigorous accounting to comprehensive assistance in due diligence and timely financials, we equip property owners with all the tools and information needed for confident decision-making. Our strategic insights can help optimize your Net Operating Income (NOI), and our regular meetings ensure we maintain a robust partnership focused on your property’s performance. We believe in open, frequent communication, creating a platform for discussion, strategy development, and performance reviews. Our goal is to not just manage your property, but to serve as your trusted partner in achieving long-term success.


Our strategic Marketing offerings play an integral role in promoting an outstanding image and creating a desirable living experience for prospective tenants. We employ a combination of innovative and time-tested marketing tactics to promote your properties effectively and reach the right audience. Harnessing the power of both digital and traditional marketing channels, we employ strategies such as social media advertising, (SEO), local events, print media, and personalized outreach. But we go beyond simply promoting vacancies – our marketing efforts are designed to communicate the unique features, benefits, and experiences that make your properties stand out. By crafting compelling narratives around your properties, we create a strong desire for the lifestyle your property offers, increasing demand and enhancing its appeal to prospective tenants. We market your properties to be not just spaces to live, but destinations to be desired.


Our Leasing services are designed to take the hassle out of tenant management and enhance property performance. We provide expert advice on leasing strategies, focusing on driving strong leasing velocity to ensure your properties maintain high occupancy rates. Our team handles everything from advertising units/beds and screening prospective tenants, to managing lease agreements and renewals. But our work doesn’t stop there – we also provide ongoing support to optimize the resident experience, keeping tenant satisfaction high and turnover low. At the same time, we keep a keen eye on your returns, employing effective leasing strategies that boost your profitability. With Granite, you gain a trusted partner that works relentlessly to deliver an exceptional leasing experience for both tenants and owners.

Maintenance & Support

Our Maintenance and Support services are rooted in our commitment to ensuring your properties remain in optimal condition. Our teams bring extensive experience in maintaining and supporting assets, ensuring your property receives the best care and attention it deserves. We offer quick response times to issues, ensuring minimal inconvenience to tenants and preventing minor issues from escalating. Moreover, we believe in fully transparent communication with property owners, keeping you informed about all maintenance activities and their outcomes. We conduct regular inspections, perform routine maintenance, and undertake prompt repairs, all with a focus on preserving the value of your property and providing a superior living experience for residents.

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